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The following links take you to pdf files that you can print and use for promotion, meetings, or just sharing with your friends. You will need Acrobat Reader.

Entire Package

Sample Flyer
Word Document

Suggestions about Getting Started

Press Release


Statement of Purpose


No Contact Rules

40 Questions

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts (Short Version)

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts (Complete Article)


12 Steps

12 Traditions

Annotated Reading List

Celebration of Discipline
12-Steps to a Stronger Spiritual Life

Unity Prayer

Crosstalk Rule

4th Step Inventory Guide

Recovery Checklist

new, not pdf

The following format can be used by the secretary of the meeting. Just read it like a script. Feel free to modify it for your own use. Each LAA group is autonomous.

Suggested Meeting Format

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word version

Basic Text

Copyright Permissions

I often get requests to publish the LAA Literature on other sites, so I wanted to explain what the guidelines are. The copyright is owned by our co-founder Susan Peabody. She donated the material and it was approved by the members of LAA. It is now conference approved. Susan will be turning over the copyright eventually.

While you do not need to contact us for copyright permission, it would be nice if you can notify us where you are putting the literature and what literature you are publishing. Please cite us as Love Addicts Anonymous International, at loveaddicts.org/

Susan Peabody
June 2020



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