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Love Addicts Anonymous


Tradition 12

"Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities."

Anonymity is a complicated issue. Technically speaking, Tradition 12 speaks of anonymity as a way to stay humble. Someone who has a successful career does not feel superior to the unemployed man because they are both love addicts. As they say in AA, it does not matter if you are from Park Place or a park bench. This is the "spiritual foundation" of LAA.

However, the issue of anonymity can also be seen as protecting your identify. But this is a personal issue. It is not a requirement. For instance, in A.A. people who do service in the community (like going into the local jail) may have to use their full name to get clearance. So, if you want to remain anonymous you can. Use your first name and last initial. Get an email address that does not use your name.

Also, while one should not break their personal anonymity to the media (Tradition 11), LAA as an organization is not anonymous. To the contrary, we need to get the word out. When Alcoholics Anonymous was a year old it only had about 16 members. When Jack Alexander wrote an article about AA in The Saturday Evening Post (March 1, 1941) letters from hopeful alcoholics poured in. Today millions of alcoholics have had their lives restored. LAA can only dream to be so successful.


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