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LAA Stories of Recovery

Change is important, and the process of change begins with honesty. The honesty is the willingness to admit out loud that you have a problem or weakness—that you have done things you regret. The honesty takes on an even deeper meaning when you tell your story. This is never easy, but as you listen to yourself describe your experience with weakness you will gain a new awareness of how you have gotten off track. This, in turn, will help you understand what needs to be changed as your transformation unfolds.

Telling your story not only helps you, it helps others. As people listen to you, they often hear their own story and find out they are not alone. This provides an overwhelming sense of well-being. It dissipates the shame and jump-starts the transformation process.

Since the publication of the book Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939, stories have been important to those in 12-Step programs. Love Addicts Anonymous is now publishing the stories of those who have found recovery for love addiction. Submit your story to LAA as an e-mail attachment. We reserve the right to do some light editing. Your name will not be attached to the story. We must remain anonymous at the public level (12th Tradition).

For more stories see the LAA Basic Text.

The Hungry Heart

A Safe Place

A Sense of Belonging

I was Powerless

Mountain Climbing

I am Not Alone


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