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Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex Addiction

Are sex addiction and love addiction the same thing?

No! sex addicts are addicted to the sexual experience. The goal is orgasm. Emotional intimacy is not important. Many professionals believe that the preoccupation with sex is an attempt to avoid emotional intimacy by connecting with someone sexually. Years ago it was called phallic intimacy. It is more common for men than women.

Love addiction, on the other hand, comes in many forms, all them different from sex addiction.

There are four different categories of sex addiction.

1. Those who are addicted to sex with strangers to avoid commitment and emotional intimacy. One night stands, for example.

2. Those who are hooked on someone only because the sex is so fantastic. But they are not in love with this person. This would include promiscuity. If they are in love, or bonded in someway, they are romance addicts not sex addicts. Some romance addicts have multiple partners.

3. Chronic masturbators who use sexual fantasies to get aroused. They are not interested in erotica or romance. The do not need a story line to get aroused.

4. The deviants: pedophiles, rapists, those addicted to pornography that includes violence against women.

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