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Love Addicts Anonymous

Recovery for Love Addicts

A newcomer to LAA recently sent us the following question: “Alcoholics don’t drink. OA's have a food plan. DA's have a financial plan. What about LAA's? Are we just on our own to figure out what recovery means to us?

No! LAA may be a new fellowship, but we are not alone. We are going to figure out as a group what recovery is for us. In the meantime, here are some basic guidelines for newcomers.

To recover, love addicts must change how they think and behave. Consider the following advice.

1. Honestly admit that you are a love addict.

2. Reach out for help whether it a meeting or the message board.

3. Get a sponsor or pair up with another recovering love addict (same gender as you).

4. Start working the steps. LAA has a Step Guide.

5. Stay optimistic.

6. Educate yourself about love addiction so you know exactly what has to be changed.

7. Stay connected even you are feeling others. This will avoid relapse.

8. Begin to "trudge road of happy destiny." (From the book of Alcoholics Anonymous, page 164)

Your happy destiny is not a place in the future. You are on it now with your fellow love addicts.




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