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Love Addicts Anonymous

Limted Contact


LAA is a program of moderation when it comes to love. Our goal is healthy love and healthy relationships. It is not a program of abstinence except when you are obsessed and in withdrawal.

There are also times when no contact is impossible. If you have financial ties, share a business, work together, or have children it is really difficult. Sometimes no contact just does not work because you have unfinished business.

It is important for all of on this board to refrain from judging those who choose limited contact. The shock of no contact can be just to much for some.

Often people need to wean themselves for the sake of their sanity. Other times, with a child, limited contact with healthy boundaries is the norm.

Withdrawal is harder for some than others. Codependents, especially, may opt for limited contact because their is a family and/or extended family involved.

Limited contact involves healthy boundaries. Do not fool yourself into believing going back into your codependency or love addiction is just limited contact.

No contact is only a suggestion for some situations. LAA has never made it official. The idea began with one of our early members who was a love addict and able to end all contact without having to give up her job or business or child.


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