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Love Addicts Anonymous

History of LAA


Love Adddicts Anonymous was co-founded by Susan P. and Howard G. in 2004.

The purpose was for love addicts to have their own 12-Step program with the focus on the various types of love addiction and codependency.

Susan dates her own recovery back to AA on November 7, 1982.

Susan wrote the literature behind the scenes, and Howard took on the responsibility of facilitaring the first meeting on September 12, 2004. They met in Oakland, California. About 12 people attended.

In 2005, a business meeting endorsed the literature and decided that the format of LAA should include reading from a book chosen by each group. The purpose was to always have some information about recovery for those who were new, and to keep the focus on recovery as opposed to venting about the problem.

In 2006, the message board was created for for LAA members to communicate with each other. It was small in the beginning but now it has over 8,000 members.

In 2014, LAA became international.

In 2019 , the International Business Committee was formed to try to bring all the meetings together to make decisions.

In 2019, the LAA Basic Text was written. It was revised according to the memebers wishes, and then approved. A vote was taken on the message board. It will be revised as we grow and can get more opinions. It is modeled on the AA Big Book with information in the begining and stories at the end.

In 2019 the South Africa LAA group created our logo .

We now have a LAA Step Guide. The current version in on the message board.

Howard has passed on, but as of 2020 Susan still works behind the scenes. Service is part of the LAA committment.

Susan P.

© Love Addicts Anonymous, 2004