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Love Addicts Anonymous

7th Tradition

Keep Us Going!

Click on this PayPal logo. Select amouunt. If you do not have PayPal scroll down to link that says "Pay with debit or credit card."

The Seventh Tradition states that LAA International is self-supporting through our own contributions. The contributions help to cover the group's expenses.

But the Seventh Tradition is more than simply paying for rent and other group expenses. It is both a privilege and a responsibility of individual groups and members to ensure that our organization, at every level, remains forever self-supporting and free of outside influences that might divert us from our primary purpose.

The monetary amount of each contribution is secondary to the spiritual connection that joins us in unity with A.A. groups around the world.

The funds are used for LAA International
to help LAA meetings all over the world
keep their doors open.

Rent for Zoom meetings
Message Board Rent
Upkeep of the LAA Website



One day at a time . . .